“We cannot change the outcome, but we can positively impact the journey.”

– Anna Rice, co-chair

Our mission is to spread our wings over the critically and chronically ill children and their families receiving medical care in our region.  This is grassroots community support!  The “Sally’s Angels Coffee,” is our once per year fundraising event.  Learn more.

Sally’s Angels has gifted thousands of dollars since its inception in 2006, all with only 5% fundraising costs as a percentage of total contributions. Volunteer power makes all of this possible.  Referrals from social workers who know Sally’s Angels and what our funds support, come directly to board members whose roles include determining gift amounts, interfacing with the community and handling administration responsibilities. 

A Real Story of Your Support

Heather is a special and much beloved young mother who has stayed eleven (11) times at the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem since 2007.

In her 22nd week of pregnancy under emergency conditions, Heather delivered her daughter, Amber, who weighed 14 ounces at birth.  The obstetrician had to deliver Amber early due to a rare and often fatal medical condition that Heather developed.

After she was born, Amber spent four and a half months in the NICU.  Heather was unable to work as a result of her own illness and her daughter’s many health problems, and she grew behind on bills.

Since it was vital that Heather be able to keep her car to drive Amber to medical appointments, Chacy San Fillipo, Family Support Program Director at Ronald McDonald House, requested help from Sally’s Angels to assist Heather with her car payment.  Sally’s Angels was able to help this precious young family with a gift which enabled Heather to keep her car.