When we started Sally’s Angels in 2006, it was in response to the need we saw when our sweet friend, Sally, was born and spent most of her first year in the hospital.

No parent chooses to have a sick child.  It is a circumstance that they are dealt.  Seeing families with limited resources face the challenges of having a sick child compelled us to help meet the glaring needs of others whom we didn’t know.

Sitting alongside families with sick children in the NICU for nearly five months and in waiting rooms for several months after that allowed us to identify firsthand a community need.  We all witnessed the dedication and compassion of clinicians, hospital staff, family and friends.  This inspired us to do something to help families with critically and chronically ill children.  During waiting room discussions with friends and family, we vowed to help families that would have to face this journey after us.  This resulted in the creation of the non-profit Sally’s Angels, which has now touched hundreds of families in need.  We provide both essential and non-essential support for critically and chronically ill children and their familiies.

Your gifts help ease the pain of tough decisions, financial burdens and hard choices families have to make in the most challenging times of their lives.

Your gift makes a difference!

Board of Directors:
Sarah Dalrymple
Lyndsay Foster
Holly Groce
Clare Jordan
Stacy Mayhew
Rebecca McNeely
Karen Pranikoff
Erin ReVille
Andrea Rice
Anna Rice
Mary Schultz
Joan Woodard